Thursday, 24 January 2008

Conversation card,,,anyone?

I am going to attempt to make this blog a bit more interesting and not focus on just the knitting aspect of my life. I am now a member of the knitting forum Ravelry where I can post my knit pics and talk plain and purl to other like-minded knit-wits so those needs are being taken care of.
This plan to develop a more diverse blog is easier said than done perhaps because I do not yet have a clue what else I will find to twitter on about. However, I am well known amongst family and friends for never being short of an opinion or two and yes, I am a self confessed chatterbox. Lets hope this stands me in good stead.

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Andy B said...

My blog goes from no talk about knitting to constant talk about knitting. Knitting is always a part of it. But sometimes life seems like it's moving so slow, like it's the same all the time. The only progress that I feel is with my knitting. Good luck!