Friday, 23 April 2010 still happens

I know I haven't posted about it for some time but there has been knitting going on. Granted nothing astounding but knitting all the same. The jumpers above are from a pattern on Feed The Children's charity website. I've knitted it a few times previously and its quick and easy. I knit the stripes in rows of 10 so I know at a glance exactly how many rows I've done. There's no raglan so shaping is minimal but my favourite thing about this particular pattern is the neck. You pick up stitches around the neckline ,knit 2ins of rib then double it over and sew the cast off edge inside. Its thick and stretchy with no need for buttons.

I've also knitted up another Dulaan jumper for charity. It's another speedy knit but it's really cute. Done in a nice yarn this can look really special despite it's simplicity. I use arcrylic for my charity's cheap and easier to wash.

Pictured are also 2 different baby mitt knits..handy (excuse the pun) use of odds and ends that linger in my ever growing stash.

Awaiting blocking is my third go at Mary- Heather Cogar's Simple Things Shawlette. I used some left over sock took around 60g (of 4ply).

It's an unusal colourway..perhaps not everyones cup of tea. I like to call it 'Mint Choc Chip'

Also awaiting blocking (I find that process so tedious) is my own variation on the same shawl. I just did more of the yarn over repeats.

I used some Paton's Studio Mohair (now discontinued but still available at reduced price from MCA Direct) which I found lingering. I bought this yarn originally to knit myself a cardi which fell by the wayside.

Currently on the needles is another teacosy for a friend..share that with you when I'm done..hopefully after the weekend.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Country Air

Good thing: I have been getting out and about with the Mister, in the car.
Not So Good Thing: It leaves me too tired to keep up with my blogging.
Irony: I've actually had some kinda interesting things to blog about.

So, first of all let me tell you about my day out yesterday..there was some spontaneity which occurred mostly due to the one day heatwave we experienced. I have no idea what the temperature was but it was warm enough for the Mister to don his shorts!! You read in April! He is usually such a cold blooded creature and complains incessantly of not being warm enough.

We took the short 20 minute drive North to visit my dear Mother in Auchtermuchty (what a difference having the car used to be a 3-bus trip spanning 2 and a half hours!). I think it's the first time since we got our car 'Bella' that we haven't had the heating at max. We drove along with our sunglasses on, windows open, singing along to Lady Ga-Ga (well I was..and quite badly..ha ha).

Departing dear Mama's we headed in the opposite direction from home..seeing where the road would take us. We hadn't headed far when we felt a bit peckish and saw a sign for 'Loch Leven's Larder' and deduced that 'larder' meant 'food'.

It turns out 'Loch Leven's Larder' is the loveliest farm shop I have ever seen..a real find. As we entered the car park we were greeted by this particular friendly face.
Isn't she a beauty? Her name is Marmalade but she was too busy chomping on some huge carrots to give us much time.

The farm shop had some of the loveliest produce and a great spacious cafe serving scrummy food.
I did mean to take a photo of my meal but must have been so impressed I forgot and tucked in at double quick speed (it was a very tasty panini filled with locally produced chicken and roasted peppers with a side of salad and rice..yum!).

Situated between the Lomond Hills (seen in the very top photo..still showing tiny traces of snow) and the breathtaking Loch Leven (which I hope to get closer to and spend some time at another day), it was a really pleasant place to visit on a sunny day.

Post Script: Sun didn't last is mostly cloudy and decidedly chilly..ah well.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Seafield And A Bit Of Sun

I was reluctant to get out of bed this morning (nothing new there) as yesterdays forecast was rain, rain, rain. However, when I finally did awake from my slumber and draw back the curtains I was surprised to be greeted with beautiful sunshine.

Having made no plans and not being very good at spontaneity I didn't know what to do to take advantage of this surprisingly pleasant weather.I like to 'be prepared'..after all it was the Girl Guide motto and I was a super keen Brownie. So 'whittling wood' or 'making a campfire aside' I was at a loss for ideas.

The Mister and I ended up taking the short drive to the local beach. We live in a coastal town but our house is about 3 miles inland and although I've been down the promenade on numerous occasions I'd never made the walk to the shore. We thought we would check it out and see if it was a suitable place to take the dog now that he is ever so slowly getting eased in to car travel. (Patch has already managed 2 trips to the towns central park this week and enjoyed the woodland walk as well as trying to jump in the lake alongside ducks and swans.)

Seafield is a sandy beach with the ruins of an old harbour wall. I have been told that seals can often be spotted bathing on the rocks. The land behind our walk used to be the site of Seafield Colliery which closed in the 1980's (as many coal mining pits did). The towers now demolished and replaced with a new housing estate with sought after sea views.
Later after taking in all the fresh air we stopped for a burger...needs must.