Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Country Air

Good thing: I have been getting out and about with the Mister, in the car.
Not So Good Thing: It leaves me too tired to keep up with my blogging.
Irony: I've actually had some kinda interesting things to blog about.

So, first of all let me tell you about my day out yesterday..there was some spontaneity which occurred mostly due to the one day heatwave we experienced. I have no idea what the temperature was but it was warm enough for the Mister to don his shorts!! You read correctly..shorts..here in Scotland..in April! He is usually such a cold blooded creature and complains incessantly of not being warm enough.

We took the short 20 minute drive North to visit my dear Mother in Auchtermuchty (what a difference having the car makes..it used to be a 3-bus trip spanning 2 and a half hours!). I think it's the first time since we got our car 'Bella' that we haven't had the heating at max. We drove along with our sunglasses on, windows open, singing along to Lady Ga-Ga (well I was..and quite badly..ha ha).

Departing dear Mama's we headed in the opposite direction from home..seeing where the road would take us. We hadn't headed far when we felt a bit peckish and saw a sign for 'Loch Leven's Larder' and deduced that 'larder' meant 'food'.

It turns out 'Loch Leven's Larder' is the loveliest farm shop I have ever seen..a real find. As we entered the car park we were greeted by this particular friendly face.
Isn't she a beauty? Her name is Marmalade but she was too busy chomping on some huge carrots to give us much time.

The farm shop had some of the loveliest produce and a great spacious cafe serving scrummy food.
I did mean to take a photo of my meal but must have been so impressed I forgot and tucked in at double quick speed (it was a very tasty panini filled with locally produced chicken and roasted peppers with a side of salad and rice..yum!).

Situated between the Lomond Hills (seen in the very top photo..still showing tiny traces of snow) and the breathtaking Loch Leven (which I hope to get closer to and spend some time at another day), it was a really pleasant place to visit on a sunny day.

Post Script: Sun didn't last long..today is mostly cloudy and decidedly chilly..ah well.

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Anonymous said...

Marmalade is fantastic!
Glad you're having a lovely time.