Saturday, 3 April 2010

Seafield And A Bit Of Sun

I was reluctant to get out of bed this morning (nothing new there) as yesterdays forecast was rain, rain, rain. However, when I finally did awake from my slumber and draw back the curtains I was surprised to be greeted with beautiful sunshine.

Having made no plans and not being very good at spontaneity I didn't know what to do to take advantage of this surprisingly pleasant weather.I like to 'be prepared'..after all it was the Girl Guide motto and I was a super keen Brownie. So 'whittling wood' or 'making a campfire aside' I was at a loss for ideas.

The Mister and I ended up taking the short drive to the local beach. We live in a coastal town but our house is about 3 miles inland and although I've been down the promenade on numerous occasions I'd never made the walk to the shore. We thought we would check it out and see if it was a suitable place to take the dog now that he is ever so slowly getting eased in to car travel. (Patch has already managed 2 trips to the towns central park this week and enjoyed the woodland walk as well as trying to jump in the lake alongside ducks and swans.)

Seafield is a sandy beach with the ruins of an old harbour wall. I have been told that seals can often be spotted bathing on the rocks. The land behind our walk used to be the site of Seafield Colliery which closed in the 1980's (as many coal mining pits did). The towers now demolished and replaced with a new housing estate with sought after sea views.
Later after taking in all the fresh air we stopped for a burger...needs must.


Pat said...

Spontaneous outings always turn out the best.

Omi said...

¡ Hola! te halle entre los grupos de Raverly yo tambien soy discapacitada tengo mi blog y desde alli comparto lo que hago, me llevo tu link para agregarte a mi lista. Saludos desde PerĂº