Friday, 24 July 2009

Sunshine On A Rainy Day?

After days and days of rain..I thought we could use some sun,
........even if it is only in flower form.

I thought I'd share with you the journey of our 2009 sunflower competition.

My pal Penny and her family have had a sunflower growing contest between them all for's become quite serious stuff apparantly.

Anyway, Gavin and I thought we would start our own 'floral rivalry' and scrounged some seeds from the bird food mix.

We started out at the end of April (when the weather was much better than it is now!!!)

2 flower pots each..2 for Lou, 2 for Gavin and of course 2 for Patch (he didn't want to be left out).

Yup, as you can see..Patch likes to get his nose into everything!

After a few weeks the seedlings were transported from the little pots on the window sill to bigger
planters on the patio. We didn't have enough wooden stakes so my plastic knitting needles came in very handy as you can see!
Then a few weeks later..we got some blooms!!! ( and the sun was still shining!!!) They may not have been the tallest sunflowers ever but they certainly cheered me and since this pic was taken we have had ooodles more flowers!
So who won the comp? Who else.....The Mister (I'll win next year..just you wait!!!). He looks pretty smug huh? Well done Gavin xxx


Liz said...

Sunflowers are lovely aren't they.

Pat said...

Love sunflowers- I have view of some where I'm staying during the summer and they are sooo cheery.

quiltygal said...

Hi Lou thanks for visiting love all your knitting I am hopeless at it!! Ill stick to material...lovely pics of Patch.... as we speak Jack has found the one patch of sun(??light) left today coming in the window & has folded himself into it ...its been freezing here so hes usually under a blanket or quilt somewhere...

Heather said...

Hey, with all those sunflowers in the garden, everyone's a winner :)

Thanks for cheering me up!

vanessa said...

Jack Russels think they're humans, not dogs, don't they?! Those Sunflowers look glorious!
Love the title and sub-title of your blog!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)