Saturday, 29 August 2009

Charity Knits

It seems to me I do an awful lot of knitting for charity and perhaps not enough knitting for myself (infact no finished knitting for myself!). I'm not trying to pat myself on the back..the truth being that the charity knits are easy (a.k.a 'idiot-proof') and perfect for doing whilst watching TV or dvds. I watch a lot of dvds...hence the the high production of knitted items for the charities.

My knit club have just sent a huge box of knits to the Raven's Trust, a Scottish based charity which ships all kinds of aide to the needy in Malawi. Amongst the vast haul we gathered together were about half a dozen baby cardis I did some time ago (pictured on the right).

I've also knitted up quite a few kiddies Dulaan jumpers over the past few months..they are quick and easy and ever so cute.

My mum is now knitting them too!

My knit club recently decided to knit squares for an appeal launched by The Knitter magazine & MacMillian Cancer Support .Having previously knitted some mitered squares (after seeing them over on Liz's blog) I have decided to see if I can tot up 40 to complete a blanket. So far I've done's proving great for stash busting purposes.
I'm loving all the bright colours..infact I'm growing rather fond of this forming blankie. I can't keep something I intended for a good cause so I will just have to do another one for myself later. I manage a square (or near enough) per dvd watched...I think I knitted up 2 re-watching 'The Sound Of Music''s a long movie.

We've still got 'Australia' to watch..148 mins of movie= another 2 squares?


Linda said...

Those squares are great!

Joanne said...

What a feast for the eyes!!

Liz said...

Nice to see your blanket coming on so well! They are addictive aren't they! My oddments are used for the squares and Teddies for tragedy. Hard to chose between the 2 sometimes!! Both nice and easy knits.

I must see how big my blanket is, surely it must be done!!!

The Sunroom said...

The colours here are fabulous. I admire your patience I would have got bored by now.