Sunday, 13 September 2009

Wee Hats...Big Knit

This week I sent off my mini hats for the Innocent Smoothie 'Big Knit' campaign. Little hats will be placed atop bottles of Innocent Smoothie drinks in Sainsburys stores throughout the UK and for each adorned bottle sold the retailer will donate money to Help The Aged.

I used up my teeny tiny bits of yarn left over from my squares and managed to get together 30 assorted little tammies.


the dutch purple rabbit said...

now i know how they got a those lovely hats.


Heather said...

They are adorable - what patience you have, with all those tiny pompoms!

Barbie said...

Gavin went a bit overboard with the self-tan before he modelled your little hat didn't he? He looks as if he has been tangoed.
PS I have had to give up knitting with that marbled wool as it irritates my chest. So I will just carry on knitting whatnots, dodaas & bits & bobs!

Pat said...

Too Cute!