Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wedding Prep

So, wedding plans are going well so far. Our date is 23rd April .. is now only an unbelievable 13 weeks away. The Mister and I have been together 10 years (how time flies!) and had talked about 'making it legal' for some time now..AND NOW WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING IT!!!
I didn't think I'd be nervous but must admit there are a few butterflies fluttering but it's more excitement than anything. "Our big day" strange it sounds.
The ceremony and reception are to be held in a local hotel where it has to be said, is impeccably clean with that old fashioned 'good service' (which seems to have become a rarity).
Hotel booked, celebrate booked, music booked, seat covers booked, invites out, rings bought, outfits in motion, photos arranged, flowers and cake still to be confirmed. I think we are doing okay!
I'm planning to be a proper little bride all dressed in white (yes white!!) and Gavin will be cutting a dash in a contempary kilt.
Hoping to get some yarny goodness in the mix somewhere too...obviously.


bfree2read said...

Eek! Only 13 weeks away. You sound prepared but I best get back to my knitting. :)

V¹nny Rodrigues said...

I wait a special people,
never I meet kkkkkk

a hug