Tuesday, 5 July 2011

One Woman Knit Camp

Knit Camp? Well kinda,..on my lonesome..lol.
We have spent most of the day indoors...it's been raining. However, even in dreary Scotland we occasionally get some sun and the last couple of days have been glorious. Unfortunately, by the time our pasty skins get climatised to 'tropical' temperatures of 23-24C..it's over all too soon. Every year it goes like this..one day we are wearing our coats and the next we are sitting out back, perspiring in little more than our underwear. By the time most of the Scottish contingent hunt out the dusty bottle of sunscreen they are already sporting skin the colour of a cooked lobster.

When the sun was shining I went camping...in my back garden. Regrettably, I can't really enjoy sleeping 'under the stars' in recent years thanks to my sleep apnea which requires me to be hooked up to the mains on my Bi-pap machine each night. Not sleeping out didn't stop me setting up camp though..and to be honest it made for a great shaded area when the sun got too strong. Needless to say the tent was also favoured by my four legged friend Patch..who liked to hog the cushions.

Patch..happy camper
 I even managed to find a few hours peace (between the neighbours cutting their grass/ dogs barking/ kids screaming) to get in some quality alfresco knit time. Then of course..like I'd already mentioned..the rain returned. The husband being the all-round humorous chappie that he is locked me out..cue the sorry sight of Little Lou trapped under canvas (hubs let the dog indoors...of course..lol).

It may not be obvious..but it was raining heavily here.


Yarndancer said...

That looks like fun! I want a tent for my back garden now, lol!

Patch is so cute!! My dog likes to hog cushions too :)

bfree2read said...

Love the camp idea. But (insert voice from old I Love Lucy episodes)Gavin has some 'splaining to do!

P.S. Patch looked so comfy hogging the cushions.