Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Fed Up

I'm fed be warned this will be a very dull post. I don't know why I'm fed up which of course in turn makes me even more pissed off. I've got a gorgeous man who loves me, a beautiful dog who at long last seems like he is behaving and my health is at last at an adequate level. So what the hell am I moaning about?

One trivial thing for example: My long awaited issue of 'Let's Knit' magazine arrived today..even it didn't hold my attention for long. The "free" knitting needles were disappointing. I'm never really gonna use a 10mm needle I don't think. I just thought it seemed a crap gift when all the patterns in the mag required a 4mm needle or less.

1 comment:

Andy B said...

You're right that 10 mm needles are pretty useless. I can't remember the last time I used one. A 5 mm seems huge to me. Maybe if you have an ailing plant, you can prop it up with your "free gift."

I hope you're feeling better.