Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Anyone Seen My Mojo?

It seems I have lost my knitting mojo. I still love touching wool and ogling patterns but the actual knitting process has floundered. My needles have still been occassionally clicking don't get me wrong but the spark well it just ain't there. I think it may be down to frustration. I made several attempts to do a 'feather and fan' pattern after spotting the 'Just Peachy' pattern in Simply Knitting' mag but I just couldn't get it right!! Grrrr. Patience is definately NOT my strong point. So did I persist? No..I gave up and went on to knit a dozen or so mind-numbing garter stitch scarves for my charity knitting group. This is perhaps where said mojo packed itself up and hot footed it out of town.
I tried to tempt mojo back by telling it,
"it doesn't matter if we can't do the fussy lace pattern..it will look just as nice knitted up plain"

and for a sleeve and half the back of the cardigan, mojo fell for this rouse then once again shot through.

As it stands I have no clue to mojos whereabouts and the cardi remains unfinished. Watch this space for futher details.


Sarah said...

Maybe autumn will tempt it out!

Cynthia said...

Good luck!, I say. Definitely positive you're looking for the solution! I loved the 'feather and fan' pattern. For rehearsal, try the pattern in a scarf. No extra challenge, just the fun of the pattern.

Ilona said...

Maybe it will be frightened at seeing all those bonfires and fireworks and come hotfooting it home.