Thursday, 29 January 2009

My Mister Knits..!!!!!

I did intend to get this post up earlier in the week but as usual things come up, too many distractions and my mind wanders off. Let's just say that despite good intentions I have never been the most focused person. I write endless lists on scraps of paper to aide me and sometimes this 'system' works but often or not these lists also get lost in the muddle!

Anyway, let me tell you about my Mister and his knitting ventures. To begin the story we have to go back to last summer (alas not literally.. my flux capacitator is on the blink!). It was sunny (hard to visualise in the current climate?) and I was knitting in the garden. The usual banter was going back and forth between the Mister and I when he dared to remark on my slow knitting project.

Of course, slightly irked I bit back "you can't even knit!"

"yes, I can" he retorted, and with that he demonstrated his hidden talent (I mean knitting!!).

He went on to knit 2 scarves and 2 pairs of fingerless gloves for my charity knitting group. Then with the satisfaction of proving me wrong and leaving me gobsmacked he went back to his PS3.

Until now....

In the past 2 weeks he has knitted up almost 20 scarves and 3 very cosy blankets for charity.

I am astounded and very, very proud.

Both the dog and I have already tried to make a claim for one of Gavin's knitted blankets but to no avail. He wants them to be sent off to someone who really needs them to a country desperate for aide.

The blankets are big enough for a child's bed or a lap blanket and are knitted in the very thick Sidar Bigga wool on 15mm needles. The result is very smoochy and cosy.

He bought in a few more of these great blankets will be in production soon.
I will pass on any comments that come in and hopefully this will spur him on to keep the needles clacking!


Samsara said...

Wow! He's been really productive! :-) My other half just wouldn't have the patience....

Liz said...

Keep up the good work Gavin!!!

Has he mastered casting on yet? Or are you keeping busy casting on etc for his many projects!!

Samsara said...

By the way Lou, I've just given you an award if you'd like to pop over to my blog and have a look!

Wendy said...

I find men with sticks sexy. If you ever give him up there will be plenty of female knitters who will snatch him up in a jiffy. Does he cook too?!?!?

Cecelia said...

Holy crap--he's the perfect man!