Saturday, 3 January 2009

You can't beat perfection

This fabbie badge was one of my many Christmas presents from my Mister. You will note the wording is very precise and obviously so very accurate. There is no doubt about it that boy has got me sussed. I couldn't describe myself any better, ha ha.
(Please note the slight sarcasm occurring here..I'm not that arrogant..well not quite yet!).
I just wanted to share my delight with my fellow bloggers and blog-browsers.

New Year in our house was a very quiet pyjamas with a hot cup of tea and in bed not long after midnight. Gone are the days when we used to trail the city streets with a bottle in hand fighting off frostbite and chilblains (not too mention a few undesirable New Year kisses from beardy old men with whisky breath..erghhhh!).
No, a brew with milk and two is much more my thing these days!

Good luck to everyone for your 2009. Personally, I just wish for better health..2008 wasn't the best. If I can get that sorted everything else should fall into place. Here's hoping!


Liz said...

Fantastic badge!

I've always liked what Mary Poppins tape measure said that she was 'practically perfect'

...whereas I like yourself am PERFECT!!!!!

Samsara said...

Great badge! The 'perfect' gift! *lol* Happy New Year!

earlybird said...

Happy New Year Lou!

Andy Baker said...

Fabulous badge. Mine would never get my anything like that. It's not his style. If they had a nice badge that said, "Adequate," he might go for it. Not to say that he doesn't think the world of me, or that he could live without me, but he doesn't want me to get a big head.

Happy New Year!

Littlelou said...

The badge was given with some degree of sarcasm alas. I have chosen to ignore that however. The Mister can be a facetious little sod :)

pat said...

Of course it says "perfect" If it said "prefect" you could lord it over him. LOL