Sunday, 28 December 2008

Post Xmas Post

Well folks, Christmas has been and gone for another year. How did yours fair? Mine, fortunately was without tears or tantrums so all was good. Gavin cooked dinner for 5 as we were joined by my mum, my brother and his fiancee. He did a brilliant job and even did the dishes as he went along. Have I got myself a brilliant man or what?

I, being the pampered princess that I am got oodles of gifts. Some of them are so cool I will share their wonderfulness with you in a future post. Think kitch!

I did promise a knit related post before Xmas but time slipped away from me. So I shall get on with it now and show you the two Christmas knitty gifts I managed to get done this year.
First, is a little knitted panda for J (my bro's fiancee). I knew she liked pandas and I wanted to show her I regarded her as part of the family by taking the time to make her a handmade gift (as well as her Xmas pressies from me and the Mister). She seemed really pleased.
Looks like Panda's gone to a good home.

It was knitted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern.

The second Xmas knit was for my mum who had been harping on at me for ages to knit her something (but possibly never imagining I ever would actually get round to it!). My mum is a support worker at an Agricultural college so 'wellie socks' seemed just the thing.
It was also my first attempt at cable so my mum was quite proud to be the receiptant of this successful knit venture. The pattern is called 'Rugged Rambler' and was printed in 'Simply Knitting' magazine. It was surprisingly easy and knitted on 2 needles with a discreet seam.

I will start my xmas knitting earlier next year!

Okay..enough for now, I need my bed! Be back soon xxx


Samsara said...

Cute panda, and those socks are lovely! Lucky Mum! :-)

Liz said...

Glad you had good Christmas!

Happy New Year!

I love how you changed the pandas eyes...makes it look much cuter!

Andy Baker said...

Two needles and a discrete seam. Hmmm. I never. Happy Belated Christmas to you! I trust that your New Years and everything went well. Love the socks. Very nice cables. They look like they were done by a pro.