Saturday, 6 December 2008

Lazy Days

Almost a week has gone by since NaBloPoMo and my last post here. I'd like to say I have been mega busy but that would be a blatant lie. I have just been chilling out...literally it's been bloody FREEZING here in Fife as of late.

The Mister has had a cold (no not man-flu..he's much too industrious to look for an excuse to slack off!) but I am still snot free. However, my crappy lungs hate the cold air and so I have barely ventured over the doorstep!

Preparations for the festivities have begun in our house..the decorations are up, Christmas cards posted, presents wrapped. Now we just have to decide what we are having to eat on the 25th..Gavin is mulling over thoughts of poultry with a marmalade glaze. Cooking is his department though I'm quite happy with a box of Ferrero Rocher!!

Knit-wise I am thrilled to report that in this months Simply Knitting magazine has published a pattern (by knit designer Alan Dart) for 'Sackboy' the wooly hero of PS3's 'Little Big Planet'. It requires Sidar Click chunky...gonna have to buy me some. A project for early 2009?

Okay, I am away to continue my lazyitis and sup numerous cups of tea whilst watching mind numbing TV.


Anonymous said...

it doesn't sound like you've been lazy if all the Christmas folderol is done!

Samsara said...

Tis the season to be lazy and watch mind-numbing tv :-) Hope you feel better soon!!!