Sunday, 7 December 2008

Summer this time of year?

Yesterday when blogging I made the mistake of being a smug little git about not yet having caught the Mister's cold..big mistake. Today I woke up and felt like I had been hit in the face with a spade..not a happy bunny.

I have stayed in my pj's all day..lying around the house being all pathetic and sorry for myself. My dog Patch, is the perfect companion for times such as this..any excuse to snuggle under blankets all day and he's there. We cuddled up and watched 'Summer Magic', one of my many feel-good DVDs that only seem to get viewed on 'pyjama days'. I say we but Patch lost interest soon after the opening titles (he only likes the movies with talking animals).

This particular Disney musical tells the story of the Bostonian widow Mrs.Carey and her children who have lost their family fortune and must move to the country (without their servants..gasp!). The ever optimistic daughter is played by Haley Mills and Burl Ives stars as the kindly Postmaster. My favourite scene of this movie is when the young Carey boy finds a caterpillar and Burl Ives sings 'Ugly Bug Ball'. It's all very goody goody and sickly sweet....very much escapism.

Note to self for tomorrow: Shower!!


Samsara said...

Hope you feel better soon! My feel good movie that I watched last week when I had the lurgy was Stardust! Robert DeNiro prancing around in a corset and tutu never fails to amuse me :-) plus its a Neil Gaiman story!

Liz said...

I love all ole films and this is especially great...I haven't seen it in ages!

Anonymous said...

I saw that movie at the drive in with my family- I think I was 12, charming and sweet.
Hope you feel better

Andy Baker said...

Hope you're feeling better. Fred had a horrible cold that's just now leaving. I love old movies like that. We've got a few that I like to see again and again. Fred not so much. He'll see something once and then it goes in the closet.