Sunday, 30 November 2008

Happy St.Andrew's Day

Today here in Scotland it is St. Andrew's Day. St.Andrew being the patron saint of Scotland,the X-shaped cross he is said to have been crucified upon is represented in Scotland's national flag, the Saltire.

St.Andrew's Day hasn't been greatly celebrated en masse in Scotland in the past but it seems that is beginning to change. Since 2006 St.Andrew's Day has been declared a national holiday and with the Scottish National Party presiding over Scotland's devolved parliament it seems 'Scottish pride' is on the increase.

Heritage organisation 'Historic Scotland' allowed free entry to many of their sites over the weekend including tourists favourite Edinburgh Castle and the very scenic Urquhart Castle (on the banks of Loch Ness, which we visited last summer).

There has also been many marches, ceilidhs and concerts taking place all over the country.

However, I'm too tired after our own little shindig last night to don my kilt and do a Highland Fling for you all (we sang and drank til a little after 3am..I just don't have it in me anymore).
Today also sees the last day of NaBloPoMo...I did it!!! Yes, I managed to post every single day throughout November..I'm 'fair chuffed' (very happy). It really has spurred me on to blog more frequently and although there have been times when I've struggled to string a few words together it has been quite an enjoyable task. Now, however I'm taking some time out but vow to make a post at least twice a week from here on in.
Thanks for reading and congrats to my fellow NaBloPoMo bloggers!!!


AnnieN said...

Well done, Louise,- you made it! I've enjoyed reading it all the way through so I hope you manage to keep adding to it. Best wishes.

Liz said...

Well done on posting every day in Nov...are you going to continue it??? We'll soon see!