Saturday, 1 November 2008


Today is the first day of National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo for those in the know (I wasn't but now I am!). Yes indeed, I shall be attempting the task of blogging every day for the month of November.

Today's post is in memory of my Nana who would have celebrated her 74th birthday today. Although, never in the best of health her sudden death 4 years ago was a shock to us all.

My Nana was a big influence in my early life , installing in me the need for good manners and self respect. When she went out she was always impeccably dressed and never forgot a smidgen of lipstick. One Christmas at ours, she even brought with her beaded slippers to match her elegant beaded jumper. Even in a relaxed state she had to be co-ordinated!

Though often difficult and terribly stubborn there were rare occasions when her eyes shone. I think she must have been quite a diva in her youth, twirlling her skirts on the dance floor. People have sometimes remarked that I possess my Nana's 'la-de-da' attitude..and I revel in that comment. She was working class and proud of it but there's nothing wrong with having aspirations.

I have a lot of regrets about not spending enough time with her but we clashed a lot possibly due to matching temperaments. I foolishly just thought she'd always be there..but no-one ever really is. Her passing made me realise you have to let those you love know how you feel, never leave it too late or take it for granted they know. I now don't hesitate in phoning my mum to tell her I love her ,but if I said that to her 10 years ago she would have just replied "Are you drunk, Louise?"


"Skipper" said...

I'm a fellow NaBloPoMo knitter, and just stopping by to say hello -- how lucky for you to have had a Grandma like that, and to learn that great lesson from her passing. Good luck on posting daily in November!

Anonymous said...

it is a privilage to have yoy as my daughter you make me so proud love you lotsxxxxxx

Andy Baker said...

Okay. So your mother's proud, but are you drunk? That was sweet. Makes me think of my own version of Nana. We called her Maye Maye. Now my mother is Nana. I had some good times with Maye Maye. We always appreciated each other and were very polite. So we didn't clash. That distance has it's advantages. I miss mine too.

mummydear said...

I sent last message but forgot my name and correct my spelling it is YOU that makes me proud xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Littlelou said...

Mumsie..are you sucking up cos its getting nearer Christmas?(I know I am!)

Andy..the strongest tipple I have these days is stewed tea!!