Friday, 7 November 2008

Thanks Gavin!

Today marks the seven year anniversary of me and my Mister being a 'proper couple'.

Roll back to 7th November 2001 where a young (okay..younger) Gavin and Louise, having met 21 months previously have yet to define their relationship. After a few 'trysts' and far too many text messages to mention, a girl wants to know where she stands..right? Then it happened..he phoned..we talked..we decided to make a commitment. He was slightly drunk, she went slightly giddy but that was seven years ago and a lots happened since then.

I couldn't feel man is one in a million! We just work, it's hard to explain. We are both very similar..strong willed, a bit sarcastic with a super silly,twisted sense of humour. Yes, we often clash but never for long.

He understands my disablity and is patient when I falter.
I put up with his technical obsessions and half hour rants about cables.
He puts up with my ever growing wool stash and my general clutter.
We both put up with the dog!

I love him so very much and thank him for every day of the last seven years.

He bought me the prettiest earrings..I bought him a chippy tea!


farmgirldrygoods said...

Many, Many Congrats!

Samsara said...

Congratulations! :-)