Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Little Big Planet

Today is a very important and much anticipated day. No folks, I do not refer to the American Presidential election but to the arrival of the Sony Playstation 3's long awaited game 'Little Big Planet'. Now I am no gamer but at one time or another every console thats ever been on the market has passed through this house..yup, thats right :I'm a games console widow!
The Mister having earlier been a Beta tester for this title was all geared up for its official release and even I have had a go today..I couldn't resist.

So whats the draw to this game? Well for me its the scrummy little playable character that goes by the moniker of 'Sackboy'...he's knitted!!! The levels have the most amazing textured effect detail such as that of upholstery or stitched felt. It really is a delight. Added to that is the great narration throughout by well spoken, Stephan Fry.

I have scoured the Internet for a Sackboy knitting pattern but it seems there is no official one available yet (damn!). I did find a very talented lady Em-En who had created her own pattern (here)but has chosen not to share for fear of legal reprisals (such as the BBC vs 'knitted dalek' case).
Ah well ,the knitting needles can wait!

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