Friday, 14 November 2008

Children In Need

Today in the U.K it's Children In Need day. A charity telethon set up by the BBC in 1980 to raise funds for disabled and disadvantaged kids throughout the United Kingdom. Each year television actors, presenters and musicians 'do something different' to encourage the viewing public to part with our cash. Think parodys aplenty, newsreaders painfully trying to sing and joe public grinning as they get on screen with their oversized cheques. It can be cringy viewing but gets the money rolling in which goes to not one, but many good causes. At the end of last years telethon the total raised came to over £19 million.

The mascot for Children In Need is Pudsey the Bear. There is a knitting pattern for this cheery chap...perhaps I'll have a bash at it for next year.

On the knitty Opal Harry Potter wool arrived today (I only ordered it on Wednesday!) so I am hoping to get started on some socks for myself sometime this weekend. I expect I will stick to the basic sock pattern as the self patterning wool speaks for itself.

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