Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Non knitters out there may not quite understand, but knitting can be a dangerous hobby. This morning I woke up with a knitting needle in bed beside accident waiting to happen? I wasn't even knitting in bed before I went to sleep, my bits and bobs just get EVERYWHERE!

Added to that my stash seems to be breeding and taking on a life of its own..these photos are to shame me and convince me:


I SHALL NOT BUY ANYMORE WOOL ( least until after Christmas?).

This is just the overspill from a jam packed wardrobe..... what a mess huh? I'm hoping the shame will spur me into tidying up (I detect rolling of eyes and raising of eyebrows from the Mister as he reads this).

Knitting projects..I frogged Evangeline in
favour of a less time consuming wristwarmer
pattern Irish Hiking. Its done on 2 needles
so much less fiddley but the compromise
being its a bit less impressive. See for yourself..
I do love the way cables look so I'm going to find
some more patterns with a simple cable design.

After a bit more practise I want to be able to knit myself a 'Central Park Hoodie'.
I've had the yarn bought for ages but never the confidence to start such a big project.

Charity knitting..I knitted up a quickie pair of socks yesterday in a lovely bulky wool, Sidar 'Kool Kidz' chunky. It's a fab yarn to knit with and these kiddies socks will be sent to one of the Bulgarian orphanages supported by the Linda McDonald Foundation.


earlybird said...

I LOVE your Central Park hoodie! I have this pattern also and can't decide between that one and the Most Have Cardigan.
The color of yours is lovely!

earlybird said...

OK, stupid question - is that YOUR Central Park Hoodie? The girl looks like you but now I'm not sure. Did I say a stupid thing?

Littlelou said...

No its the pattern model..I only dream of doing such a fabulous knit! 2009 perhaps?