Saturday, 8 November 2008

Teddies,Teddies.. Everywhere

Time for a knitting update, methinks.

I am back knitting Teddies For Tragedy once again for my knit group Loving Hands. They will then collected up and sent on to a relevant charitable cause. This batch's intended destination is an orphanage in Kenya. It warms me to think each child will have their own personal possession..a teddy for them to love, a teddy that may comfort them and make them smile.

I have teddy carcases awaiting stuffing on almost every available surface of the front bedroom in which I sit. If you check out this photo you will notice a cheeky little dog under there somewhere!
I am aiming to do 20 of these little critters this time round. Fellow blogger Liz said she was going for a target of 30 teddies this time round (how you getting on, Liz?).

As I have mentioned in a previous post these teddies are a simple knit and roll quickly off the needles. So, all you knitters out there? I urge you..get your odd bits of yarn out and .............KNIT SOME BEARS!


Melissa said...

I hope you're able to complete all 20!

lolli said...

hi lou
i just saw ur comments about sackboy and a bf is a crazzii gamer and luvs i knitted him sackboy...just rectangles realli and i used chunky wool, then sewed it all up which took the longest. A picture of sackboy helped me guess when to stop the limbs didnt get too long, it realli woz easy, if i can do it u can! I sewed a little heart from felt to put inside the zip on sackboys body (awwwwwww) and did the "stitches" last as an add on when he woz finished.

Ria said...

Good luck with your teddies! I just got done with afghans and it almost killed me! Next charity knit is definitely going to be smaller items, I have no attention span!

Ria (tonyfan4ever on ravelry) found you there on the NaBloPoMo group.