Saturday, 22 November 2008

Milk And Two Sugar Please!!!

I lay in bed til almost noon today..just being a lazy ass. The Mister was up and about but the dog joined me for a wee snuggle.

After finally getting showered and dressed I sat about reading emails, drinking tea and eating biscuits for most of the afternoon.

The mutt and I ventured out for a walk but just a quick dawdle to the end of the was too damn chilly! There is no snow to speak of here yet but I heard there was a little flurry during the night. Other parts of Scotland are a total whiteout.
'I'm Dreaming Of A White Chrrristmas'

On the knitting front I made an attempt at giving Evangeline a go. I think I went wrong somewhere, perhaps missing one of the cable rows? It was probably not the best time to try a new pattern as I had one eye on the knitting and the other on X-Factor..doh!

I'm using an acrylic yarn as I want them to be machine washable and I desperately need to use up some of the stockpile spilling out my wardrobe. It is shades of purple which reminds me of heather or thistles..very patriotic!

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