Sunday, 24 May 2009

It's A Dog's Life

I know, I update on what I have been up to is long overdue.....but until then........

....I just had to post this picture.
My silly mutt Patch, loves bubbles but gets impatient waiting for me or the mister to blow them. Amazon had a sale and problem was solved. Patch now has his own bubble machine which produces a ‘gizzillion’ bubbles. Now me and the mister can kick back and enjoy watching our mad wee dog exhaust himself chasing bubbles around the garden.


Samsara said...

Aaaww! That's so cute! I should get one of those for my furry tribe! I think the cats might like it too!

Liz said...

Nice to see him having so much fun! We have one of those for the kids at work...they are great!