Monday, 12 October 2009

Collector Or Hoarder?

The Mister is minimalist..I am not. The question is am I a collector of things or just a hoarder of ANYTHING? Looking around this room I can't quite decide. This is just one corner of our spare room..where I'm permitted free-reign with 'my stuff' and as you can see I have taken full advantage of that. Some of the collections of items are surely those that every home has...books, dvds, cds and some are personal to me. The wall shelves in the above photo are a kind of non-collection..just little bits and pieces gathered along the way.

This is possibly where the hoarding factor comes in..I'm kind of over sentimental about worthless

Prime example: my Krankies button badge that I got from the Scottish comedy duo when I went to see their show and was one of the kids who got to go on stage. It was my 10th birthday...yup it's a pretty old badge..haha.

One of my collections has spilled over into the Russian dolls. They are housed in a small cabinet (only half of which can be seen in the photo) and are often admired by visitors.

I've stopped collecting for now as the cabinet is full but still love matryoshka related items from banks to buttons. I even have a Russian Doll cocktail shaker.

Most of my collections just sort of happen. Thankfully none of them cost too much as most I've bought from ebay or car-boot sales and some are presents.
What do you collect?


The Sunroom said...

You are a collecter not a hoarder but then again I don't have to live with you :-) Your Russian dolls are so pretty don't stop collecting them buy another cabinet!
People who collect things are more interesting than those who don't - IMHO

Pat said...

Love the Kermit collection. You are only a hoarder if you hide them away.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a collector. That's pretty well organized!