Monday, 23 August 2010

Knit Camp Part 2

Okay I've been back from Knit Camp for over a week and I still haven't completed my blog posts about the event..oops! Well, here I am so if you are still interested let me share with you some more.

One of the nicest things to happen to me at Knit Camp was the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger. I have been following Alex's blog for a couple of years and enjoy reading about her life in the Netherlands. Alex is very sweet lady who I would have like to have talked to longer (or let her get a word in edgeways..I fear I 'blethered' too I was very glad to learn she enjoyed her trip to Scotland and plans to return. I hope one day to get myself back to Amsterdam (previously a favourite holiday destination of mine) and perhaps pop in to their Monday night S'n'B.
The University campus where Knit Camp was held sits on the edge of a small town called Bridge of Allan. I didn't get the chance to stroll around, but I was fortunate enough to visit the absolutely amazing Allan Water Cafe. A sit-in chippy I had the most scrumptious haddock and chips I have ever tasted! (Cecelia this picture is especially for you!)
Followed by delicious strawberry ice cream (they had so many flavours!)
Enough about food (I'm just making myself hungry!). Back to Knit Camp and something to make the yarn lovers amongst you drool..the Marketplace

Despite some vendors pulling out before the event (understandably perhaps due to mixed messages on organisation) the Marketplace was bountiful. A great selection of stalls with the most beautiful goodies..making it very hard to choose just what to buy (sigh).
I've gone on enough for now so please be patient with me and in my next post I shall share with you just what I spent my kudos on (and some of my favourite vendors!)


Cecelia said...

uhh...excuse me while I wipe the drool off my computer...:)

Pat said...

Knit camp looks fabulous. Want.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a fab time - hope the Koolhaas hat is still going well - I love that pattern and am v envious at the thought of being personally taught it by the designer

Andy Baker said...

I love how obsessed you seem about food. I have to agree with Cecelia. The fish looks great.