Thursday, 26 August 2010

Knit Camp Part 3..Purchases

Okay it's about time I finally showed you my purchases from Knit Camp. I was amazed how restrained I actually was considering the great wares on offer. I attended the Marketplace on the Friday and Saturday..I felt like a kid at Christmas! Saying that would you believe it if I told you I actually came home with money in my purse? Seems crazy now. I think perhaps I was overwhelmed having never been to an event of this size before and seen (and stroked) so many lovely yarns.
My first yarn buy was a neutral grey skein ('Blizzard') from Easyknits. Its 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool. I tried resist bright colours and buy a shade that would go with some things in my wardrobe. However, some pretty rainbow Knit Col by Adrafil soon caught my eye and begged to be bought (..and so it was done).
Next I stopped at Shetland Lace & Fair Isle supremo Liz Lovick's stall and picked up these cute stitchmarkers made by the lady herself.
After much deliberating at the Lomond Tapestry Centre stand I opted for their Angel yarn by France De Bergere. The ladies were very patient with my indecisiveness and also gave me a free pattern for a tunic top using this yarn after I cooed over the sample knit on display.
I gasped with glee when I caught sight of the Textile Garden stall..lots and lots of pretty buttons in every shape, size, material you could imagine. This is one of my favourite online shops that I recommend to friends and will continue to do so. This time I opted for wooden Scottie dogs..big & small.
My big purchase was Knit Pro interchangeable needles from Scottish Fibres. I knew these sets came in Acrylic tips but was bowled over by a rainbow colorway (once again). Having bought these I left feeling like a 'proper grown-up knitter'.
So, that's most of it (I think there's maybe a few odds & ends still lurking in my bag I may have forgotten about..hmm, I wonder?).


Liz said...

Very nice!!! I love the Knit Col and it goes so well with your interchangeable needles!!!!

Andy Baker said...

I love the dog buttons and the needles. Lots of rainbow stuff going on in your world. You'll have to tell me if you like those needles.

bfree2read said...

I've been wondering about your Knit Camp experience and just finally wandered over to your blog. What fun! Great pics!

You lucky thing. Jared Flood's knits are wonderful and it sounds like he was a gracious teacher. I assume that is a picture of him with you - very nice.

Love the rainbow needles. So glad you had fun.