Saturday, 28 May 2011

Honeymoon & Knitty Overlap

Its been over a week since me and 'Hubs' (for that is what he shall now be known as) got back from our wee honeymoon in Amsterdam. We chose that as our destination because I can't fly far (goofy lungs) and it was in Amsterdam we spent our first romantic trip away in 2002 (just before we moved in together). It was our tenth trip to the city but we hadn't visited in 6 years and imagined many changes but it was just as if we had never been away. It was nice to be somewhere familiar and we agreed to revisit some places and be sure to visit the places we had always meant to see but never quite got around to.

Going Gaga over the Lady

Day one it was raining when we arrived so we ducked into Madame Tussauds, somewhere we always avoided for no particular reason other than seeing it as a typical tourist trap. We surprised ourselves and had a great laugh cosying up to the waxy looky-likies of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber. If you don't take it too seriously ,its a lot of fun.
I liked the way you could touch the exhibits and not just view them from afar.

When we left Tussauds we got checked into our hotel and along with maps we were presented with a 5euro discount coupon for the waxworks..doh!

We had booked into the hotel we had stayed in on our first trip which we envisaged as a being 'romantic' notion. Lol.

After unpacking and finding somewhere for a bite to eat (Italian..I had pizza, he had lasagne) we headed to Cafe De Jaren to meet some knitters. This light & airy, spacious former bank is the location for Amsterdam's Stitch 'n' Bitch group every Monday evening. It was great to meet fellow knitters and Ravellers especially the very lovely Alex who I had the pleasure of meeting (albeit too briefly) in Stirling last year at Knit Camp.

It was great to also meet with Andy, whose blog I have followed with great interest since 2007. He was kind enough to present me with a signed copy of his book 'Travels With Greeley' which I am glad to say without hesitation, I am thoroughly enjoying.

I'm only sorry I didn't have more time to speak with everyone at the group as they seemed like a great bunch.

If I ever visit the city again...I will make sure I'm there on a Monday.
Thanks also to a great husband who was most gracious in indulging my knitty obsession. He even accompanied me to a tattoo parlour where I completely lost my mind & got myself a knit related tat. I think it represents not only my love for knitting but the relationship Gavin & I share.

For those of you who don't get's an abbreviation of 'knit two together'.

In my next post I'll share a bit more of our trip..knitting not included.


Gavin said...

Like the new look of your blog.x

Squirrel said...

Wedding congrats to you both. My O/H and I love Amsterdam, it's a wonderful magical city, perfect for a honeymoon. Don't think my O/H would be as tolerant as yours about going to a Stitch and Bitch meeting though, I'm jealous =D

Squirrel x

bfree2read said...

Love the tat and it really does fit in the way you say.

Joanne said...

I don't have your email (wish Blogger would add that feature so I can respond properly), so I'm leaving a message here.

The watermelon yarn is something I found on Etsy at this address:

The dyer is taking pre-orders as it's been so successful and she needs to get caught up. If you order from her, tell her that Joanne sent you! If you have any problems getting it sent to you in the UK, let me know and you can send it to me and I'll mail it on to you.

My socks are almost finshed and will be up on my blog soon.

Congratulations on your wedding!

Ravelry: JConklin
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Andy Baker said...

I've already told you, but congratulations on the marriage. Gavin is a great guy. It was a pleasure to meet you both. And I LOVE the tattoo. I especially love the font you chose. Glad you enjoyed the book!

Trekky said...

Congratulations! And fantastic tattoo :)