Thursday, 3 April 2008


Today I have been enjoying the sunshine here in Fife, with highs of 16 degrees. Unfortunately due to a sore knee I didn't get further than my back garden but it was very pleasant all the same. Our second consecutive day of sun gave the optimisic vibe that summer is indeed round the corner. Things are at last starting to get leafy or bloom in the garden. I even took a quick snap of my pots anenomes and starflowers.

I had intended to sit out and leisurely write some letters but my knitting caught my eye and 'that' as they say, 'was that'. I am trying to complete at least 10 baby hats for 'Save the Children' charity appeal after seeing it on the Paul O'Grady Show last week. Apparently, 1 in 10 newborns in Tibet die of hypothermia and something as simple as a little knitted hat could save a life. I'm on hat number 7 and intend to take them along to my first 'Loving Hands Charity Knitting Group' meeting next Monday. The ladies there have vowed to send a package of 200 of these hats as well as all the other charity knit challenges they set themselves.

I'm making very slow progress with my 2008 vow to knit something for myself. Having chosen the Angelique pattern from 'Lets Knit' magazine (I've posted a pic so you can at least see my intentions!!), I have the wool and required needles in so all ready to get started on my summer cardi. Once the baby hats are done I will crack on..not looking forward to the 400 sts cast on though!
Just incase you think I've jinxed the prospect of more sunshine by mentioning it I've just checked BBC weather. They predict rain for the rest of the week...typical!!

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