Saturday, 20 June 2009

Birthday Boy

The Mister had a birthday yesterday! We marked it quietly (well as quiet as it ever gets in our house!) ..just a quick trip to the shops with a necessary stop-off for tea and cakes!! Previous years have been spent Nessie spotting on Loch Ness or picnicing with pigeons at the top of the Eiffel tower. This year Patch was happy we were celebrating at he is always keen to assist in the unwrapping of parcels.
Gavin was very touched by the gift of this gorgeous birthday cake made by our pal Barbara.
The card at the top was made by me to remind him what a handsome fella he is...even if he is getting on a bit..haha. Hope you had a lovely day (which was rounded off by a rather yummy chinese-takeaway!!).


Liz said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Nichole said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Gavin! ... all the way from Nova Scotia! :)

Andy Baker said...

Happy Belated to your guy! (Not being on Blogger has totally f-ed up my blog reading.) And hi to you, Lou!