Friday, 26 June 2009

New Shoes & St.A's

The Mister and I went to St.Andrew's on Wednesday and I got me some funky new shoes from the Superdry shop. I already own a pair of blue Superdry plimsolls but when I saw this tartan version, my patriotic side must of kicked in...I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!

St.Andrew's didn't turn out as sunny as we'ed hoped so we didn't venture to the beach. If you don't like golf and all it's kind of a boring town to be honest. Famous for it's prestigious university we saw lots of students in their graduation gear and lots of extremely proud looking parents.

I stumbled across knitwear designer Di Gilpin's shop after reading about it on knit site Ravelry. It's a very small yarn shop tucked away through a pend and up some stairs.
Once inside it's like being in someone's front room..with higgildy piggidly piles of yarn everywhere. I made a small purchase for a friend..but manage to resist the temptation of increasing my own stash.


Liz said...

Love the shoes! Well done on resisting the stash increase!!

Cecelia said...

Awesome mctartanshoes!

Nichole said...

Love your new shoes! Hot! I should try and find you some Nova Scotian tartan!!

Nico said...

I just love love love them!! I'm looking for this kind of shoes!! My favorite one!!