Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer Knitting

Yesterday was a scorcher (for my non-Scottish chums..anything above 20C in these parts is indeed a 'scorcher' aka 'an extremely hot day').

We didn't have any plans which meant "housework or hobbies?"

Needless to say I opted for hobbies and took advantage of the sunshine to do some alfresco knitting.

Here is a picture (albeit, not a very pretty one!) of me trying not to drop any stitches whilst wearing my very dark sunglasses and listening to the new Paolo Nutini album on my I-Pod.

My current knit (I've been doing a few yet haven't taken the time to blog them lately) is in yarn I bought at Perth Wool Show last month. It is an un-labelled double knit (worsted weight) in very subtle variated reds. It's a cheap (yet not nasty) arcrylic which is ideal for my first attempt at the pattern.

I'm knitting a summery cardi for myself. Yes..I'm finally getting round to a garment for myself..hooray.

Fingers crossed it will work out as I'm knitting the biggest size of a children's pattern and I didn't do a swatch (oops). It's also my first go at a lace pattern, a simple yarn forward stitch. So far I am quite pleased that the holes in my knitting are only those that are meant to be there!

The pattern is from the knitting magazine I subscribe to 'Let's Knit'. The patterns can be a bit hit and miss but when I saw this I immediately loved it. It's called Aloha and Hawaii ( one being short sleeved and the other long. I am yet undecided which sleeve option to go depends how bored I get.

Hope everyone else is experiencing some nice weather wherever you may be. xx


Heather said...

Good luck - it's a great colour!

Pat said...

Cute sweater. Good choice for a first lace project.

Cecelia said...

I love the names too! Can't miss!

amandablogandkiss said...

Wow you can knit something like that??? I'm jealous. All I can knit is a scarf. ...and not even a cool patterned one. One of these days I'll have to get someone to teach me the harder stitches.

Hmmm...this was a month and a half ago- have you finished it yet?