Monday, 28 December 2009

New Arrival

Meet 'Bella'!
Isn't she beautiful? Yes, we finally have our new car..and she was home before Christmas which was our best present (to ourselves) ever!

After some initial registration mix up at the dealership we were given a later date of collection than first expected..the 23rd December. Although we were disappointed, being so eager to get our hands on our first ever car we knew it would be worth the wait.

Imagine our surprise when we woke up on the morning of the 23rd to see 5 inches of snow! This was not the best start to a day when we were to travel 40 miles to collect our new vehicle. We called taxis to get to the train station but many of them were not operating early morning due to the weather conditions. Then we had a phone call from the garage to say our salesman was stuck in traffic and would not be at work in time for our appointment. If we didn't collect the car that day we wouldn't have it in time for Christmas ruining all our arrangements...very frustrating (that's putting it mildly!).

We eventually got a taxi to the station...only to find after we had bought our tickets the train was delayed by 30 mins. It was quite a chilly half hour on that platform it has to be said.
Arriving at our destination we met with our salesman (who had too eventually made it in!).

Within 20 mins the Mister was in the driving seat of our lovely new Citreon C3 Picasso and on the motorway back to the homeland. Luckily it was now afternoon and all the morning chaos on the roads causes by the snow, was over.

We were just glad to get our blue baby home and safe. Christmas plans went ahead as arranged and it has been great just to get out and about whenever and wherever we want.

We hope 2010 is going to be a good year thanks to Bella.


Cecelia said...

She's a beauty! Congratulations! Drive safely :)

Samsara said...

New car? What a great present to yourselves! Have a wonderful New Year! :)

bfree2read said...

Hooray! What a lovely surprise to be able to pick up the car before Christmas. I hope you enjoy that very cheery blue Citroen. May your travels be smooth and comfortable for many years to come.

Alex said...

Congratulations! What a great present. I also have a Citroen (C2) and I really love it. It's blue too!
Be safe on the snowy roads.