Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow & Sockies

Yesterday saw the first of this winters snowfall here in Fife. It didn't take long for my two cheeky rascals to dash outside for a muck around. Patch got very excited by the snow but after 5 minutes running around he sensibly retreated indoors to the warmth. The pooch is getting older and likes his home comforts far too much.

I haven't blogged since the beginning of the month when my Mister passed his driving test. There are at least two reasons for my blogging absence.

Reason 1: we have been car shopping and have chosen our broom broom (sadly it's delivery is taking longer than we'ed initially anticipated!).

Reason 2: I have been beavering away trying to complete my Xmas knitting.

Thankfully my brothers Fiance's Christmas socks were completed last night before they arrived today to exchange gifts..phew!

Here they are (right)

An unusal colourway perhaps but she seemed very pleased with the result as did my little bro with the pair I'd knitted for him.

The yarn used for both pairs was from Lidl and used about 75g per pair which worked out at less than £2 a pair.

Here's hoping they wash well. I attached some labels with washing instructions on the back.

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Pat said...

I'm still working on my Christmas Knitting and it's now Dec 26!