Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December Already?

It's December already..2 days in infact..crikey. I don't have a advent calendar this year for me to keep track of the countdown til Christmas. No mum, I'm not having a sulk at you for your lack of chocolate filled calendar buying! I have just accepted that at 34 I am perhaps getting a little mature in years for such things. The Mister was more concerned that the supermarket was out of stock of the doggie-treat advent calendars for Patchie Boy (and he says I pamper that pooch, tsk!)

Well, I didn't manage to complete NaBloPoMo this time around having only written 24 posts throughout November (you had to write 30 posts in 30 days) but I'm not too bothered. I will endevour to choose a month in 2010 and do it then (just to appease myself).

December started with a pleasant surprise as I made Letter of The Month in the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine. It's the first time I've written in so was a complete shock to get printed. My letter was about the Pudsey bear I'd knitted (and a photo) from a pattern printed in their previous issue. I have won £30 of vouchers for online shop Serenity Knitting. As you can imagine I am chuffed to bits.

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