Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Dark, Damp & Depp

Outside the wind is howling and the rain continues to lash down.
Inside we are fortunate to be snug and warm.

It's getting dark so early now, infact our lights have been on practically all day due to it being overcast. It means I don't stray very far from the homestead. Tonight it meant pj's on early for a dvd night with the Mister. Tonight's movie was 'Public Enemies' with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Gavin bought this as soon as it came out on Blu-ray at the beginning of the month but as we both wanted to see it he waited until we were both free to watch it together. We anticipated a really gripping movie..we were wrong. Unfortunately we were both left a bit dissappointed although it's hard to pinpoint why.

Johnny Depp stars as John Dillinger the 1930's charasmastic and elusive bank robber ,marked by the FBI as America's 'Public Enemy Number One'. It's a cat and mouse tale but didn't quite captivate me as much as it could have. Depp looked great as always..never really had much love for Bale (even in Batman he was just 'okay'). I did like Marion Cotillard, (as Depp's love interest)but not much can better her portrayal of Édith Piaf in La Vie en Rose which brought international acclaim and multiple awards.

Fave Depp Movie: John Water's 'Crybaby'
Still trying to get the Mister to sit through the 153 mins of 'Australia'.

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