Sunday, 15 November 2009

TV..(Televison not Transvestite)

Tonight was a good ole telly night in our house. Yes, it must be said I do watch television every single day but it's not that often the Mister sits with me for a whole evenings worth of viewing. The truth is he usually slinks off after an hour or so muttering something about 'waste of tv licensers money' or suchlike. I think with the winter nights drawing in..curling up on the sofa is appealing to him more (lots of tea and cakes works for him too mind you).

We began with Harry Hill's TV Burp which we both love. The show presents a satirical look at the previous week's television, including extracts from TV shows with added sketches, observational voice-overs, and guest appearances. Harry Hill's unique brand of silliness is a great start to a nights entertainment and makes us laugh out loud.

Next up was 'All Star Family Fortunes' which is a good gameshow but the All Star bit is often slightly ironic as your left going 'who?'. Classic 'shout out the answers' style TV.

X-factor is still eliminating the acts..this week saw the flick for Rock Wannabe 'Jamie afro' who we decided weeks ago was a 'one trick pony' (and he wasn't even very good at that). I'm currently backing Danyl to win, his voice is by far the best but he's faced a bit of a media backlash for being too confident.

Tonight also saw the start of the new series of 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'..just what we need more Reality TV (I loooove to hate it!). Once again the celebrity tag reeks of irony as you are left trying to figure out where you might have seen then previously. This year's washed up contestants include 80's glamour model Sam Fox and ladies favourite TV Chef Gino Di Campo. The biggest surprise was perhaps Hollywood's suntanned Mr Debonair George Hamilton who seems to have star struck all the fellow jungle campers. Everyone seems very likeable... for the timebeing. Give a week and it will be like 'Lord Of The Flies' in there...much more interesting.

Okay..I'd better give my square eyes a rest and get off to bed. What's your must-see Tv?

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