Monday, 16 November 2009

True Blood

Todays rant is about the importance of blood donation and the part you can play. Sadly, figures here in Scotland show that blood donations are decreasing yet the demand remains high. Unfortunately only around 4% of the Uk's population donate blood.

There are only 5 blood centres in Scotland but mobile units are set up in village halls or community centres all over the country and revisit every 13 weeks.

Yesterday, the Mister took himself down to the local theatre (as in dramatic theatre not medical theatre) where he visits 3 times a year to give blood. He has now given 22 times and unbelieveably is the only person I know that gives blood regularly.

It really bothers me the excuses that some people give for not giving blood:

  • I'm too busy (it only takes an hour of your life 3 times a year!)
  • I'm on medication (most medications do not affect blood long as you say)

  • I'm scared of needles (it's ONE needle!)

Admittedly there are people who are unable to donate for instance if like myself you have had a blood tranfusion in the Uk since 1980. If you are unsure whether you are eligible or not it's worth really can save a life.

In the 1980's I was fortunate enough to receive blood tranfusions after all of my spinal surgeries and again in 2000 following a road traffic accident.

Just think about it.


bfree2read said...

Ack. I use to give blood but had to stop for a while. Good reminder to get back in the habit.

Rosidah Abidin said...

Dear Littlelou, thank you for writing about this important issue. I came upon your blog when I searched for a photo to put in my post about the importance of blood donation. This morning I went on a desperate search to find blood for my mother who will go on a kidney surgery tomorrow. Thanks God, we finally got the urgent needed blood. It is a real lifesaver. Bless you.