Monday, 2 November 2009

Light Of My Life?

Meet a new addition to our household. He goes by the name of Mr.P and is an illuminating little fella to say the very least.He is my new utterly kitch desk lamp and I adore every bit of him ,from his cheery bright yellow shade down to his comically placed on/off switch. Some may find him tacky or offensive but I think he is you?
I first saw this style of lamp on one of my visits to Amsterdam, in a little boutique on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. It was a little out my price range at the time.

Six years later imagine my delight when I saw the little heren on an online auction site for much cheapness. Granted the original version was ceramic whereas my Mr.P is plastic fantastic..but hell that just adds to his kitch value for me.
Other stuff: I'm skipping my Knit Club's too damn cold..I'll knit at home.
Fave Snack Of the Day: Individual pot of Hartley's Blackcurrent Jelly..yum.

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