Friday, 13 November 2009

Knitting is My Therapy

This may be a brief post..I'm a bit traumatised. Please don't fret it's nothing serious just my inner drama queen at work. I guess I'd better explain.

Tonight was movie night in our household. We busied around before getting settled for the night which consisted of baths for the Mister and myself, pj's on, tea brewed and munchies at hand. Then let's not forget the dog who gets let out for a toilet stop, given a treat and wrapped in his blanket for 'curtain up'. I've never denied he's a pampered pooch!

Tonight's movie was the 2003 remake of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'...and there the trauma lies. Blood, guts, anticipation and plain old fashioned fear. The thing is I'd watched it previously, not long after it's original dvd release but this was much scarier. Personally I blame Blu-ray and DTS-HD sound set-up..the blood was brighter and the screams much louder.

When the movie began the three of us were huddled together in the darkened room but ten minutes in I made an excuse that I HAD to knit (and so the light was turned on). Needless to say for the remainder of the film I tried as hard as I could to hide behind my knitting or cast my eyes down to the pattern I know off by heart.

Yes, I'm a wimp..that I will confess. The truth is I never watched horror movies before the mister and I got together..unless you count the old Hammer films I watched with my mum as a kid (they totally freaked The Mister is a big fan of this genre and so I eased myself in gently. Over the years we have watched a great number slasher flicks..some good (Hostel)and some just plain awful (Splinter). Is it disturbed to say I may just be getting used to scenes of severed limbs? Just not tonight I guess.

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