Sunday, 8 November 2009

Take That & Party

Last night after watching X-Factor..I was convinced I could sing as well as any of the contestants. In the light of day I have climbed off my high horse and know I am tone deaf..clearly I was just caught up in the atmosphere!! I'm always singing around the house but can imagine it's not an entirely pleasant experience for anyone misfortunate enough to be within earshot.

Back to last night..I preceeded to switch off the TV set and switch on the PS3 for a round of Singstar. I love gives the opportunity to be a Diva in your own home or the ability to upload your warblings to the Playstation network for all to witness..if indeed you're brave enough (usually I'm not!).
After murdering tracks on the Abba, Queen and Motown discs..I was delighted at the release of the new Take That disc.
I Heart Take That.

If you are unaware of the sheer joy that is Take That..let me summerise as quickly as I can.

  • Boyband from Manchester formed in 1990..uber cheese.
  • String of hits..25 million record sales
  • Fanbase as crazy as Bealtlemania.
  • Member Robbie Williams quits in break up 1996.
  • Reform as a 'manband' in 2005 (without Williams).
  • Massive success once again with 'grown up' tunes.
It was against all my better judgements than to ever like Take That..but try as I might I just couldn't resist. By day I was waxing lyrical about Morrisey's intensity and by night I was dancing in my bedroom to T.T. Eventually I 'came out' about my fondness for Take That and embraced it wholeheartedly going to see them in concert and taping every TV appearance.

They saw me through some hard times was Take That videos that kept my spirits up when lying in ICU after a road accident in 2000.

Needless to say I totally murdered all their tracks from the Singstar disc..but it was fun.
I will leave you with their very first ever music's sure to make you smile too.

DO WHAT YOU LIKE....indeed.

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K said...

I love Singstar too! We don't own a PS, but I've done it at parties.

I wasn't a huge Take That fan in the 90s - no tears from me when they broke up, but I wouldn't be able to resist singing along either :)