Tuesday, 17 November 2009

List Goes On..And On

Today my 'to-do' list is a long one...it's accumulated over days from uncompleted 'to-do' lists now all amalagmated into one. It's not made up of difficult tasks..just time consuming items or items I have been avoiding doing for far too many days.

Why make a list? I have no idea it's just some small compulsion I have to do. In the time I take to compile said list I could have completed at least one of my tasks .

Anyway, that is why I am not going to waste too much of my valueable/worthless time writing todays blog post. I'm going to try and just crack on. These are some of the interesting/mind numbingly boring things I wish to achieve today.
  • Hem my jeans (they are gathering dust, they've been waiting so long)
  • Write letters to penpals (always a pleasure when I have peace and quiet)
  • Renew my house insurance
  • Walk Patch
  • Place order online for clothes in November sale.
  • Get gift ideas for Mister's xmas (he's hardest to buy for..has everything!!)
  • Make sure courier booked for knit group donations to Project Peru
  • Write todays blog post ( yeah, yeah..I'm getting there)

That's just some..I don't want you to nod off with complete boredom. Best get on..!

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