Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hooray For Carnies!

Another day of heavy rain..another day indoors for me. A dark afternoon was spent watching a few episodes of my Carnivale dvd boxset.

Set during the American Depression in the 1930's Carnivale follows a travelling 'freak-show' with a supernatural twist. It's another example of HBO's great dramas but despite winning 5 Emmys it was canned after 2 series. The characters are fascinating and the cinematography really well done.
My favourite character in the show is most definately Samson, the diminutive manager of the carnival. Played by Michael. J.Samson who was in another cult series 'Twin Peaks' (as the man in the 'red room' who talks backwards). I loved Twin Peaks..even though it freaked me out.
In Carnivale I think the role of Samson is a really positive one for a disabled actor as the character is looked up to and respected with no mention of his stature. Standing at whole 4ft 6ins myself..I love this.
Other news: I finished knitting a pair of stripey socks using the yarn I got for my birthday back in April. (pic soon)
Fave Snack Of The Day: Laughing Cow cheese triangles

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Andy said...

Fred and I loved Carnivale. Even now, we'll be at the DVD store and he'll say, "Let's see if they made a third season of Carnivale." It was so good. I'm glad we bought it. I'd love to see it again.