Saturday, 7 November 2009


Some days I get no mail, some days the postmen are on strike. Yesterday the mail arrived at 4.30pm and was not worth the wait. Today however was different..and a little spooky.

I got two lovely postcards through my letterbox this morning (and 'hooray', Patch did not eat them!). The spooky bit was they were both from Hawaii..from 2 different people, who don't know each other. Even more coincidental is that both senders were on the same island (out of the many that make up Hawaii). What are the chances of that?

The first card was from Karen, who I have known since we shared a student flat together in Edinburgh....13yrs ago!! She is a Fifer like me but has travelled and worked all over the world. A few years ago she married and settled in San Francisco. Her hubby joined the U.S Army and they have just received their first official Hawaii! Her Facebook page is full of glorious photos of sunsoaked beaches. Looks like the knitted scarf I gave her when we last met up (before the posting) won't be getting much of an airing!!

The second postcard is from Cecelia, a really funny lady and fellow knitter who I got to know through the international knitting site that is Ravelry. We have been exchanging letters for over a year now and I look forward to perhaps meeting her in person one day. Cecelia lives in New York but grew up in Hawaii and was back visiting family and friends.

Hawaii seems like a dream to me...beyond paradise.
I grew up watching Elvis movies and I remember Hawaii featured in a few of favourite being 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'. It was also the setting for the movie for 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' which featured Russell Brand in speedos quite heavily..not altogether unpleasant on the eye.

Fave Snack Of The Day: Gavin gave me one of his Empire biscuits..nice chap.

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Cecelia said...

whoa...that's bizarre. maybe we should all meet up back in Hawaii...?