Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dog's Life?

Humiliate Your Dog Day? (I'm not one of those people who dress up there pets..it was a momentary blip).

My dog is the ultimate oxymoron..like 'loveable rogue'. He is the bane of my life and the apple of my eye . He drives us crazy but our house would seem empty without him.

Patch is a Jack Russell 'Terror'. These dogs are well known for thinking they are bigger than they actually are, therefore they have no fear. He is the only pooch I know who isn't scared of fireworks and instead of cowering under the bed like most animals he wants outside to watch.

We have had Patch in our lives for over 5 years now and occassionally we kid ourselves he is calming down. He still continues to attack the mail and harass any visitors into giving out treats from 'his jar'. On the upside he sleeps more as he gets older and loves his cuddles.

Kids flock to him when we go out walking..he's got a regular little fanclub (I may as well be invisible).

He has funny little ways like throwing the big chunks from his dry food up and down the hallway (and rolling on them). He has some not so funny little ways...like humping my teddy bear!

He loves cherry tomatoes and cheese but won't entertain any veggies.
He waits by his bed at night to be told to get in, and then waits to get tucked up.

Sometimes it feels like he is the owner and we are the pets.

Other Stuff: I haven't watched any great movies in a while..anyone got any good recommendations?

Fave Snack Of The Day: Cadbury's Caramel..dreamy with a hot cup of tea..yum!

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Cecelia said...

He actually looks quite proud to be wearing that lovely sweater. Very handsome :)