Thursday, 19 November 2009

All Played Out

Yesterday was a fun but exhausting day! My friend Penny came to visit with her 2 cheeky little toddlers. Despite only living just over 20 miles away we hadn't met up for some months..and my, how her little babies have grown. The little girl M, is 3 this coming February and now able to hold full-on conversations. She's quite the little lady and was very proud to inform me that she now wears 'big girls pants' and not nappies like her brother. Baby brother L, at just 16 months is almost as big as his sister. He's a sturdy wee lad with a huge mop of golden curls that his mummy loves (apparantly daddy isn't so keen and thinks it's time for a trip to the barbers).

We went to children's play centre 'Jumping Jacks' for lunch. Its a soft play place with indoor climbing frames and pools of colourful plastic balls. Little did I know when I entered the building that minutes later I too would be in amongst it all (hence the exhaustion!). It's times like this when you realise just how unfit you are...and how much stamina the little ones posess!

After lunch (most of which seemed to end up on the floor courtasy of Master L) we made our way back to my place where the kids proceeded to feed treats to Patch until he was almost fit to burst. Patch loves when little ones come to visit as there's always lots of carpet crumbs (saves me hoovering at least!).

Soon it was time for my guests to bid farewell..later their mum said they both slept in the car all the way home. I was kind of in need of a nap myself.

I had knitted them both hats but forgot to take pictures. Thankfully they both fitted well.

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