Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hello November & NaBloPoMo

November has come around again and I have decided to once again attempt NaBloPoMo..yup thats 30 blog posts in 30 days. I did manage the task last year so it shouldn't be too difficult..however, I reckon I have become even lazier in the last 12 months. Yes..even lazier. Some will ask if this was even possible, by some I am of course referring to my Mister.

He just went through to the kitchen and I asked him to bring back as much goodies as he could carry...lucky for me he complied. This may be a short post...a fat piece of carmel shortbread awaits (as well as oodles of other eats!!).
I'm lying on the sitting room floor (with my laptop..obviously) and the dog is using my ass as pillow. The Mister is behind us on the sofa and has already consumed his second piece of aforementioned carmel shortie. In Scots lingo he has to be what's known as a 'gannet'!

We are watching X-Factor...and I'm admitting to it. It's the 'talent' show us Brits love to hate year after year. When everyone sitting at home all of a sudden become singing/dancing/fashion critics and shake our heads when decisions don't go our way.

The photo at the top of the post is of my pretty little pumpkin. When I was a kid pumpkins weren't really imported to Scotland like they are today and we had to make do with turnip lanterns. I just want to say hollowing out a pumpkin is so much

My inspiration:

You can see it can't you?

Okay so I've another 29 posts to squeeze out this month..any suggestions what I could ramble on about?

Edited to show turnip lantern:


Andy said...

My initial thought was to do something with the alphabet, but then I realized that I wanted more freedom. I thought I'd get frustrated if I wanted to write about something and I couldn't make it fit into the letter. I had a terrible enough time doing that a couple of years ago throughout the year. Good luck.

underdutchskies said...

Cute Jack 'o Lantern. And the pumpkin isn't bad either. :-)

Cecelia said...

now I really want to see a turnip lantern...

Samsara said...

Love love love the turnip lantern!