Saturday, 14 November 2009

Swine?...I'm Fine

Ladies and Gentlemen, you get the full range of emotions here at 'Little Lou's'..oh yeah. Yesterday I expressed 'trauma' I give you 'self pity'. Okay, truth is I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself because I got my Swine Flu vaccination today. Needle + arm = ouch.
Once again I'm over dramatising (it's a talent), I've been through was only a

I should be feeling quite fortunate to have received the injection as NHS Scotland has received just under 550,000 doses of the vaccine, about 40% of the total required for the 1.3 million people in priority groups. I qualified due to chronic repiritory condition (my only qualification I might add unless you count 3 paltry Higher grades).

The number of people in Scotland suffering from swine flu has risen to over 21,500 .
Over 900 people had to have hospital treatment since the outbreak in April.

I temporarily gave up my volunteer shift as a play assistant on the childrens ward of my local hospital as kids are said to be the main carriers of Swine Flu. Maybe I can get back to jigsaws, glitter and glueing now I'm vaccinated.

It's an international concern but you can only really worry about your own backyard.
The mister seems to think I'll look like this in the morning.....cheers xx


Andy Baker said...

We had a long discussion about that at dinner on Saturday. Fred's sister said, "You don't know what it's going to do to you in ten years." I thought that was a ridiculous rationalization for not getting one. If you're not in a risk group, that's sort of enough to me. Paranoia will destroy ya. If I worked in a hospital - with children or the mentally ill - I'd totally get one. Asshole teenagers aren't a 'carrier group' per se.

Samsara said...

I have mine booked for Saturday :( I've heard it hurts and makes you feel rough afterwards...

Littlelou said...

not to didnt make me feel any rougher than usual. Just sore arm for 2 days..same as my regular flu jab. xx