Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Socks & Scones

Here's a pic of those socks I finished yesterday..I'm not sure they quite go with the sandals but then it's not exactly sandal weather these days anyway. I realised just how much I love hand-knit socks as they are so much more comfortable. It's a great feeling to look down at your covered tootsies and think 'I made them'.
I really envy those who are clever enough to knit lace patterned ones (like Alex).

So whilst the mood took me I decided to cast on another pair using the Opal Harry Potter yarn I bought some time ago. It's a variated wool in hues of blue, green and even a bit of dark red. I tried taking a photo but the colours came out all wrong.

I made another kitch purchase you want to see?
I've always wanted a cake stand..for girlie afternoon teas. Now I just need to make some cucumber sandwiches and keep the cake supply topped up (oh the hardship!). It may even inspire me to bake some scones...but I very much doubt, safer buying
The cake stand has a similar design to the Jessie Tait Midwinter tea set I got from my Nana before she died. It's in my mums attic...time to retrieve it I think.

Other News: I can't believe Channel 4 have made a drama reconstructing Gary Glitter's 'child porn' court case.
Fave Snack Of The Day: The Halloween limited edition French Fancies (as seen on cakestand)


Cecelia said...

put the kettle on, I'll be right over! what are those club bars?

Littlelou said...

You're most welcome..the Club bars are just a chocolate covered biscuit in various flavours...fruit(currents), orange or mint. The ones in the foil are Tunnocks Teacakes and are the best thing ever.